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Follow Me Construction and Home Maintenance, serving the Midwest area, provides skilled technicians for a wide variety of construction and home maintenance projects. We specialize in providing homeowners and landlords with all professional services needed to maintain or improve the value of their home or business.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide each of our customers with consistent quality, safety, value, teamwork and integrity, while delivering professional

results  defined by your specific needs. It is by these five  standards FMC measures its own achievement. When we take on a project, our success is set by you; it then becomes the mission of our professional craftsman to complete the project within your parameters. Your utmost satisfaction in the completed work, as well as your experience during the process, is our goal.

Dedicated to Delivering Solutions
For years, FMC has partnered with property management organizations and individual landlords, contributing skilled services to execute the short and long term visions of their properties. We’re there for you through the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the finishing of your construction or home maintenance project.  Whether you are a landlord needing a property maintenance

professional to partner with, or just interested in improving the value of your own home with remodeling projects or energy-efficient upgrades, FMC remains on call for you.

Property Maintenance
FMC can assist you in the planning and coordinating of projects for your residential rental or commercial properties.  We want to be a vital partner in your property maintenance program; FMC is your first choice for home maintenance.Landlords and homeowners alike have found a partner in FMC and our highly-skilled staff. Before you move forward on your home maintenance job,  please call us for more information at (816) 844-9757.

Ask us about the HERO or BENJI program
Follow Me Construction and Home Maintenance can make your home or business more inviting and energy-efficient. We provide comprehensive renovation services that include: installing insulated siding, eco-friendly window and doors, air leak sealing, heating and air-conditioning, high efficiency hot water systems, ENERGY STAR and UL, ETL, LED, and CFL lighting upgrades, as well as new roofing and alternative energy installation.