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We turned our house into a home!  

Our vision at Follow Me Construction & Home Maintenance

Our vision at Follow Me Construction & Home Maintenance is to have the opportunity to give everybody the best looking home in the neighborhood for a reasonable price. Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. When you look back on those pictures taken with your children wouldn’t you want them to be in a beautiful home? We are now able to finance jobs as low as $2,000! Call today 816-844-9757 and ask about our no interest no payment financing!

Kitchen Makeover

gossey projectThis Gossey Project is a perfect example of our vision at Follow Me Construction & Home Maintenance. Our goal as a company is to provide any homeowner the opportunity to have the best-looking house on the block for a reasonable price. When the Gossey’s called, we worked with them to create a kitchen they could really show off.

We also take special care to cater to each of our customers individualized needs. The Gossey Project required a custom doggy door for the families adored pet, Sophia. Now that we have financing options this vision has become even more accessible for homeowners with dreams of renovating their homes.

Thank you Rachel Gossey and Eric Gossey for hiring Follow Me Construction & Home Maintenance. 

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