Some Common Plumbing Issues

Some of the most common plumbing issues can really alter your lifestyle in not handle responsibly and as soon as you encounter them. This is a list of common plumbing issues, if we asked you to make a list you would probably be able to create it yourself. However did you know that leaving any of these unresolved, fixing half-way or in a wrong way can harm your plumbing and reduce the value of your entire home.

Some of these projects can be done by the DIY enthusiast quite easily but don’t try if you have no experience, just call Follow Me Construction and Maintenance. Some Common Plumbing Fixes:

Fix leaking faucets or showers.

A small leak in a faucet or shower head/handle will get worse over time. The amount of water that is leaking may seem insignificant, but it can add up to hundreds of gallons over time. And even a little water can cause water damage which can be quite costly to repair.  Check for faucets leaks regularly to catch them early.​​

Clear slow drains.

Debris that collects in sink and tub drains will cause the water to drain slower and slower over time. It only takes a few minutes to clear the debris out of the drain and get it flowing again. This should be done every few months or when you notice a drain slowing down.

Fix running toilets.Save

The working parts of a toilet can start to wear down over time and cause problems. Often this involves running water, such as when the toilet handle sticks and it needs a little jiggle or you hear water running even though the toilet has not been flushed. It may seem like it is not a big issue but a running toilet can waste an incredible amount of water. Often the repair is surprisingly quick and inexpensive. Fixing a running toilet should be a regular item on your plumbing maintenance check.

Under sink garbage disposals

Check for garbage disposal leaks and maintenance requirements. The garbage disposal can also be a source of leaks that can easily go unnoticed. Check the garbage disposal for signs that it is developing a leak. Also, it is a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your unit.

Water Heater

Have you ever woken up to a cold chill in the shower? If so you know that a water heater that is working well is much more enjoyable on the skin. Water Heaters have an average life span of 10 to 12 years if yours is getting up there, it would be a good idea to have a plumbing professional do a flush and check on it. If they find rust and build up it’s probably time to purchase a new one before yours goes down.

Sump Pump

When it’s the rainy season an unprotected basement could be in danger of water damage. Prolonged periods of heavy rain often cause accumulation of water around and under the home. Adding or replacing a sump pump can keep you safe and comfortable. It’s advised to protect your home you have your sump pump checked each spring in order to prevent failure.

No matter the size or complexity of your plumbing issue.  FMC will help common or not, our expert technicians can handle anything and provide you with uncommon service. Call (816) 844-9757 today!